Friday, February 15, 2013

We've Moved Already!

We've already packed our bags and moved to Tumblr! Come visit us by clicking the link below :)
See you there! - The ForeverEDM Family

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Swedish House Mafia - One Last Tour - Masquerade Motel LA

Swedish House Mafia will be hitting the West Coast for the last time ever this March. They will be hosting their "Masquerade Motel" event at LA's State historic Park, after a successful 3 years in Ibiza, Miami, and Vegas. Check out this mix put out by SHM featuring all the artists involved! In addition, there's some much wanted event details ;)

Preview: Sander Van Doorn & Mark Night - ID

Sander Van Doorn and Mark Night have a stunning, deep house track in the works! They've just recently released a preview on Soundcloud; so fresh it doesn't even have a name! Check out this soon-to-be masterpiece on EDM Tunes by clicking the link below :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Boys Noize - What You Want (Official Music Video)"

BOYS MOTHA FUCKIN' NOIZEEE!!! :D Here's my write-up on his newly-released, music video premiere of "What You Want" from Rolling Stone! It includes a little history on Alex and some recap of his album, "Out of the Black!" :)
***Artist spot light/career recap on Boys Noize COMING SOON!***

Before posting it here, on Forever EDM, I have to submit it to by Friday night. If they dig it, I'll be an ExQlusiv author too ;) Wish me luck...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Editorial] Electric Daisy Carnival 2013 - Chicago

As many of you already know, EDC is coming to Chicago for the first time ever. Tickets have already gone on sale; I have yet to get my own! The event will be for fans 18 and older, definitely a more mature setting for us all. I feel for all you younger ravers... I mean, I'll only be 18 for 15 days when it arrives! *Fate* 
More information, including ticket prices/packages, can be found at these locations:
Here's what we'll be experiencing for the first time ever in Chicago!

Here's what I have to say, on a more personal level, about EDC coming to my home...
    "When I first got into edm, I wasn't as passionate about the music as I am today. I also didn't understand the culture or what edm REALLY meant to its fans. The music though, caught my interest and effortlessly held it. Everything fell into place after that. Even though, at the time, I wasn't the crazed, “rave music” fanatic that I am now, I still was awe-struck when I discovered the live performances for the first time. 
    I spent a lot of nights scavenging through YouTube videos of live footage and festival after-movies. One of the first, to genuinely catch my attention, was Tomorrowland. The thought of spending an entire weekend, submerged in that much energy, really inspired me. I grew in appreciation of not only the music itself, but the community as well. By watching these videos, I started to get an idea of what “PLUR” meant to the culture. Not long after discovering Tomorrowland, I uncovered the gem they call “Electric Daisy Carnival.” Not only did it amaze me to see such a wonderful community and stimulating atmosphere, it wasn't just a fantasy like Tomorrowland. The fact that EDC is held here in America made it possible to dream, that one day, I could actually go. Regardless, the trip to Las Vegas isn't something that’s realistic for many, especially if you’re from Chicago or the East Coast (or are broke fuck like me). 
    Since then, my passion for music has deepened. Today, I not only discover new music, I make it myself. Well, i'm “in the process” of making my own, that is lol. My, then, new-found love for the music inevitably brought me straight to the source of the action. Starting with Spring Awakening Music Festival this past summer, I've attended as many shows as my wallet allowed. To name a few, I saw Justice at Congress Theater and Boys Noize at the House of Blues. My most recent RSVP was to the NYE weekend, Porter Robinson double-header show at Congress. The "special guest" openers were Hardwell, Deniz Koyu, and Dannic. 
    Ever since I limped out of Soldier Field with my ears ringing, preceding the closing of SAMF, I've been lusting after attending another edm festival. Regardless of its size, theme, or line-up, I wanted to feel that rush again. Simply put, the experience really stuck with me. For the first time in my life, since discovering all this, I not only understood the true meaning of “PLUR;” I finally connected with the culture. I could, for the first time in my life, be myself. More importantly, I was accepted without comment, nor question. I felt loved...
    Not too long ago, I heard “rumors” that involved EDC coming to Chicago. I had my doubts, but still have been building my hopes up ever since. Now that it’s been made official, I’m beyond excited. On top of it, I’m both overjoyed and relieved to know that it’s going to be held only TEN minutes away from my house at the Chicago-land Speedway in Joliet! That means I’ll pay little to nothing on transportation. Oh, and I don’t have to stress over the money spent for a hotel room either. From what people have told me (and my own common sense), the road trip and hotel costs alone can add up to be as much as a ticket itself, or more. Thankfully, I don’t need to save up for a week-long trip to Vegas. I mean, I'll inevitably end up taking that cross-country trip. I'm not going to waste my time with that, though, until I'm 21; what fun is Vegas if you're not 21? Re-fucking-gardless, my wishes have come true… I can FINALLY say I’m going to EDC! I’m lost for words just thinking about it. I hope to see you all there! Rave on Chicago."

Hit me up on Twitter; I would love to know who i'll be raving with this May! :)

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"Release: Carnage & Borgore - Incredible [Spinnin' Records]"

Oh my lanta. I have so much to say; yet, I haven't the slightest clue where to start. Writing a relatively "PG" review on EDM Tunes was damn near impossible. You can check it out by clicking the link below! Keep scrolling for my honest, uncensored review.

Holy shit, this tune is a banger times fucking ten. I shit a brick when I heard that Carnage & Borgore were making a house baby together. I thought it was a joke at first, to be honest. The crowned, "King of Trap," Carnage... working with sexed-out, bass puking, dubstep mastermind, Borgore... It could have only meant one thing: Twerk-inducing, face melting "trapstep." Or whatever it would be called... I'm not a technical, sub-genre bro who corrects everyone he can on Facebook. Like it matters kid, get a life. Anyways, you get my drift. When I started listening to the official release with "Progressive House" in the genre category, and a steady 128 bpm intro coming through my headphones, I was a bit worried... Could the artists who religiously make songs like these 2 below, pull off a house track???

Once the "big-room house" synthesizer lead hit in the chorus, it sounded much like a track that you'd expect to hear out of an artist like Hardwell. It seemed promising, but I still didn't know what was to come in the drop. Once the chorus reached its peak, everything dropped into an echoing silence. Many artists try (and typically fail) this tactic, in order to build suspense and leave room to slur words into their mic before the drop hits. Well, these guys hit it on the nose with some faded reverb. Simple, but it worked.

The drop takes a whole new direction, being as "progressive" as a track can get. Over a based out drum loop (which is done by inserting low-decibel sine waves between every kick) are these "sounds" that stab at the track aggressively. I fucking love it. It's heavy, relatively simple, and aggressive. That's a recipe for success, if done correctly. It's a mother fuckin' festival anthem without a doubt. Be ready to hear it, and a million other remixes, all through 2013!

It's already been played out on radio shows and stages across the globe, by the likes of this long list of Djs. Here's what they had to say!
Tiesto : 'Supporting in my live sets!'
Sandro Silva : 'That song is stuck in my head! #Incredible'
Avicii : 'Cool! Played in my radioshow!'
Hardwell : 'Cool track'
Nicky Romero : 'Played in my radioshow'
Sander van Doorn : 'Supported in my Identity radioshow'
Porter Robinson : 'Amazing track! Full supporting'
Bingo Players : 'Played in our radioshow'
Thomas Gold : 'Cool! Played in my radioshow'
R3hab : 'Awesome! Supported in my radioshow'
Paul Oakenfold : 'Amazing!'
A-trak : 'Full support'
Swanky Tunes : 'Nice track' 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Clarity (Original Mix) Criticism + "Release: Zedd - Clarity feat. Foxes (Tiesto Remix)"

Click HERE for my review on EDM Tunes!

Well, it seems as if Tiesto is making another huge push for 2013! Following up his stunning remix of "Carried Away" by Passion Pit, which is no more than 2 weeks old, he's just released another! This time, he remixed Zedd's commercial-hit "Clarity" featuring Foxes. I was both excited and disappointed... I was excited because Tiesto always delivers. In addition, he never fails to surprise me with his genre switch-ups and damn-near perfect execution. The disappointment was his song selection.
Now, hear me out. I think Clarity is an amazing production. Zedd is both a talented musician and an outstanding producer. The only reason why Clarity stays off my iPod is for this definite reason: Foxes. 

I'm usually not one for "hating," but holy good God is she a terrible addition to this track. Her nasally, congested voice makes me think of THAT ONE CHICK who sings the national anthem during your high school football game. Yeah, the one who can't hit a single note if it meant the life of her. The are SO MANY other female vocalists in EDM who would have hit this track out of the park, far better than Foxes for sure. Just realized this now: (after posting of course) AMBA SHEPHERD would have been perfect for this song! Whatever, can't change it now! Watch their live performance on the Letterman Show; notice Zedd's "Oh shit, this is embarrassing..." facial expression as she screeches into the microphone. 

I was hoping Tiesto would have done something different with the lyrics, or could have even cut them out. Oh well, her studio-edited vocals are somewhat bearable. Also, the awesomeness of this remix is enough to give it a few extra repeats anyways. Enjoy the song! Give me your feed back on Twitter by tweeting @MusiqueToujoure I want to know who agrees with me, or why you think otherwise! 

Monday, February 4, 2013

"Release: Dirty South & Deniz Koyu - Halo [Phazing Records]"

This tune's been on repeat for the past 2 weeks; honestly, I'm in love... It FINALLY came out today and I had the privilege of posting it first on EDM Tunes! Check out my article by clicking the link below :) 
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"RaveAid Presents: The Evangelist - January 2013"

As Phase 2 of my newly devised blog plan for RaveAid, I decided it was necessary to launch a news column series that was both convenient and interactive for our readers. Where else can you be given a list of the most important news stories in edm, all in one place? Nowhere, besides RaveAid Rehab!
Let's be honest, digging through music blogs is not, by any means, the proper way to unearth major news updates. Scrolling through page-after-page of song releases and pointless tour announcements is not only distracting, but it diminishes your interest as well. On a typical day, I'll spend about an hour online before going to bed. I don't have the energy, nor the will, to play "Where The Fuck Is Waldo" with news stories I may see as of interest to me. Let's be honest, most of our schedules are too full as they are. We certainly don't have the time to spend hours a day online "browsing" through music blogs. Inevitably, many great stories get overlooked. Hell, half of the stories I included in this post (a few being the Association for EDM, SHM's Black Tie Event, Wynn's 42 DJ residencies, & the Ultra+Sony agreement) were unknown to me, until I set out to find them. 
Anyways, my gift to you is... "The Evangelist" :) This monthly recap will be posted on the 1st of every month. I might as well be spoon feeding you your morning bowl of Cheerio's and walking you to the bus stop... lol Go enjoy these awesome stories, my friends!

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"Preview: Dubvision - Redux [Out March 8, 2013]"

    Only a day after being hired onto EDMTune's exclusive team of writers, I discovered this little gem from Dubvision. I wasn't expected to write any posts at the time, but I decided to show them how well I worked my way around WordPress, my other blogging vice. Not bad for my first preview post on a website as big as EDMT! Below is the link to my article, check it out!
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